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Our Mission Statement
At Masefield Primary School we take pride in ensuring that all children are safe, happy and valued. Through an inspiring and creative curriculum, our children experience opportunities to shine and achieve their potential.     
We provide a motivating and challenging environment, where all their achievements are celebrated.
Children are encouraged to become successful, confident and independent learners, equipping them with skills to make a positive contribution to the local, wider and global community. 
Inspire Achieve Shine





Masefield Munches Health Tuck Shop is opening from Monday 18th January 2016 and selling the following snacks: -
Plain Popcorn                            - 50p        
Blackcurrant Bear Yoyo's         - 50p
Pineapple Bear Yoyo's               - 50p
Rasperry Bear Yoyo's               - 50p
Apple Bear Yoyo's                    - 50p
Mango Bear Yoyo's                   - 50p
Lime Raisins                             - 50p
Crazy Cola Raisins                    - 50p
Pineapple snapz                        - 60p
The tuck shop will be open to each class on a rota basis as follows: -
Year 3      - Monday           
Year 3/4  - Tuesday
Year 4      - Wednesday
Year 5      - Thursday
Year 6      -  Friday

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For more informtion on pupil related events please look at our school calendar. A link can be found at the top of all the pages.
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