What can you do to support your child’s learning with Spelling?

  • Support your child to learn their spellings at home each week.
  • Children in Year 2 and upwards should be using letter names to spell their spelling words, so please encourage children to use the letter names.
  • Discuss the spelling rules that are used each week in the spelling lists and ask your child to explain the rules to you.
  • Can your child apply the spelling rule to other words?
  • Can they add words that fit the spelling rule?
  • If you child receives a red spelling score in a test, repracitse the words they got wrong in the test over the coming week as well as their new spelling words.
  • Play games like snap, matching pairs or bingo with their spelling words, to make learning fun.
  • Display the words they are finding tricky in your home, maybe as a password on a door as each time they pass it they have to spell the word.
  • Ask your child to spell the words whilst climbing the stair or walking to school. Also when getting dressed for school – fitting practising spellings into everyday routine will help to fit it in each day.
  • If you have any questions then just ask the teacher for support.

Here are some ‘Spelling Challenge Booklets’ to help:

Year 1 Challenge Booklet

Year 2 Challenge Booklet

Year 3/4 Challenge Booklet

Year 5/6 Challenge Booklet