Attendance Options and Nursery Fees

Times of Sessions

Masefield Primary School offer 15 hours free provision to three and four year old children. 

We offer flexible provision which allows the 15 hours to be taken to suit your family.  They may be taken either in the morning or afternoon which does not incur any cost, or a combination of full and part days over the week which incur a charge as detailed below.  

We also give the option to pay for extra sessions if required and if places are available. 

30 Hour Extended Funding

We have 30 hours extended funded places available in our Nursery.  The 30 hours can be taken over 4 and a half days to suit your circumstances and there is an option to extend this provision to 5 full days at a cost of £15 per week (subject to change).

The times for the sessions are: 

MORNING       8.45am to 11.45am

AFTERNOON  12.30pm to 3.30pm

FULL TIME      8.45am to 3.30pm


Nursery Fees

The fees for the extra provision are (applicable to children entitled to 15 hour funding only):

Extra morning or afternoon session               3 hours            £16

Full week provision                                           15 hours          £60

Lunch time provision                                        Daily                £3

Fees are subject to change.


School Meals

If your child stays for a full day you can provide a packed lunch or we can provide them with a school meal at a cost of £2 per day.  Please click here to see our current menu.


Intake procedure

 Acceptance of children who turn 3

At Masefield, we offer places to children when they are 3 years of age.  We no longer require parents to wait until the term after their child’s third birthday before we accept them into our provision.  This means that we are able to offer places to children as they turn three, only if there is space available in our Nursery setting which corresponds with the adult ratio figures.  Children born in July will only be admitted into Nursery in the following September due to term dates.

Transition into Nursery

To support each child’s smooth transition into the setting, we strongly recommend that parents attend a “play and stay” visit, at least one week prior to their child starting in Nursery.  This is followed by a transition week, prior to the child starting their chosen provision.  This involves children staying for 2 hours on their first day, and half days for the remainder of the week.  This ensures that each child is supported to settle in well into Nursery and that they feel happy and safe.  If parents or carers feel that their child may need additional time or support to settle then this transition period can be amended to reflect the individual needs of the child.

Changes to Nursery hours or days

Where possible, we will try to accommodate families who need their hours of provision extending or reducing, or require Nursery provision on a different day.  This flexibility is dependent on our numbers in each session and we recommend that Provision is only changed at the beginning of a new half term. This is to help the children settle into a new routine.