How to Help at Home

We understand that it is a big step for your child to go to Nursery and you want to do as much as you can to help them in their first educational steps.  To help you in this process we have put together some ways you can work with your child so that they are ready to start. 

Toilet Training

For your child’s comfort and independence, it is preferable that your child be toilet trained before they attend Nursery. Please inform us beforehand if there is any reason why this is not possible so we can work together to help your child. Children can go to the toilet at anytime and need not ask an adult. The staff do encourage and remind children. However, when accidents do occur, your child will be changed without fuss.


We recognise that a dummy can be a source of comfort for a child who is settling and/or upset, and that it may often form part of a child’s sleep routine.  However, we do not allow dummies into Nursery as we believe that overuse of dummies may affect a child’s language development as it may restrict the mouth movements needed for speech.  We highly recommend that you start to wean your child off their dummies during the day so it is not a big shock when they start with us.

Learning through play

Learning through play is an ideal way of starting your child’s education without them knowing! Counting games can be fun and can be done anywhere ie counting steps, times they are being pushed on a swing, how many of their favourite sweets there are; to name but a few. 

Encouraging your child to develop their fine motor skills will help them in their writing.  This can be done by picking up small objects or playing with small toys.  Also allow your child to draw and scribble and ‘pretend’ they are writing to encourage letter formation.  It is important that from an early age they hold the pencil correctly.  Please click here for more tips.


We cannot recommend reading with your child enough.  Even at a young age children develop a love of books which in turn enables them to become confident and strong readers.  Read with your child everyday and talk about the story and ask appropriate questions which will lead to better understanding.

Learning Journey

Each child in Nursery has a Learning Journey.  This is a book which contains information about your child’s time at nursery.  It will have targets, details about events they have taken part in, photographs of your child in play and any major milestones and achievements.  The Learning Journeys are available to look at on request and you will have the opportunity to look through them at one of the stay and play sessions that are organised.

Guidance to your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage

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