School Improvement Plan

Information for Children and Parents

Every year our school writes a School Improvement Plan to look at areas to develop in order to raise standards. The teachers and Governors look at all the work we have been doing, and the results and the levels achieved. We also take on board your suggestions as parents. We then decide on areas to improve on to enable our children at Masefield Primary school to achieve their very best.


Our First Priority:-

To improve reading attainment and progress throughout the school

Our Second Priority:-

To enhance pupils’ acquisition of knowledge and skills across the whole curriculum

Our Third Priority:-

To improve the provision and outcomes for most vulnerable pupils

Our Fourth Priority:-

To improve personal and social development for all pupils throughout the school.


The four priorities we are developing in school this year will help to build pupils self-esteem, encourage friendships, as well as building upon pupils’ academic success. 

If you have any ideas or thoughts about the things we are working on at school, please feel free to come and talk to me or any other adult in school.

Mrs Topolinski (Head of School)