School Uniform

The school uniform is as follows:

BOYS:    grey trousers or shorts                                   GIRLS:    grey trousers, skirt or pinafore, blue or red gingham dress

navy blue sweatshirt                                                           navy blue cardigan or sweatshirt

red polo shirt                                                                       red polo shirt


Shoes – Children should come to school in black sensible shoes, not trainers. Shoes should not have cleated/heavily-ridged soles, as this type of shoe tends to carry dirt and mud into the building. No lace up shoes for our Nursery children.

Hair bows/bands – Blue, red, black or white. Gingham is acceptable as long as it is in school colours.

Earrings – Stud earrings ONLY, no other style of earrings are acceptable. Earrings must be removed or covered up for PE and plasters should be sent in from home, school will not provide these.

Names –    All clothing should contain the child’s name.