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Design Technology

Design Technology embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity and technological advancement and we believe that it is our duty to develop cultural appreciation of designers, engineers, textile artists and chefs, and to develop knowledge of key individuals and their contributions in this field. It is through these key principles that we engage, inspire and challenge pupils whilst equipping them with knowledge and skills to explore, invent and create their own works of design and innovation.

At Masefield, Design Technology is taught as a discrete subject in order that the development of knowledge and skills is taught meaningfully and explicitly. Naturally, links are made to other areas of the curriculum but this does not dilute the quality and entitlement of high quality Design Technology teaching.

The school’s long term plan for Design Technology sets out the content of teaching within in each year group. This is supported by the school’s Design Technology progression document which demonstrates learning outcomes within each strand of development within a Design Technology unit. Short term planning details how this content is developed over a series of lessons within the unit of work.  The organisation of the Design Technology curriculum provides structured opportunities for pupils to:

  • record responses, including observations of the natural and made environment;

  • gather resources and materials, using them to stimulate and develop ideas;

  • explore and use two and three-dimensional media, working on a variety of scales;

  • review and modify their work as it progresses;

  • develop understanding of the work of designers, engineers, chefs, artists and craftspeople, from a range of times and cultures, applying knowledge to their own work;

  • respond to and evaluate design and technology including their own and others’ work;

  • show development in their ability to create designs and products;

  • understand and apply the basic principles of design and technology including: mechanisms, textiles, food, structures and electrical systems;

  • realise their ideas and sustain a level of working from start to the completion of a project or a piece of work.

Design Technology Policy

Design Technology Curriculum

Food Teaching in Primary Schools Framework

DT Journey

Below is an example knowledge organiser from each year group for Design Technology:

Year 1 - Mechanisms

Year 2 - Food

Year 3 - Mechanisms

Year 4 - Food

Year 5 - Mechanisms

Year 6 - Electrical Systems

These are sent home each half term as part of the curriculum overviews.

*EYFS Knowledge Organisers be found in the EYFS tab*


Our Award Winning Provision for DT

In Progress

The Design and Technology Mark is a quality mark awarded to primary schools who are providing excellent teaching and learning in Design and Technology. It provides an opportunity for schools to undertake a rigorous evaluation process and strengthen their practices within Design and Technology. Schools who achieve the award have clearly demonstrated the quality of their provision, ensuring that they are providing the best possible experiences for the children to give them the skills and knowledge needed to excel now and in later life.

DT Curriculum

At Masefield, we recognise the important role that Design and Technology plays in the curriculum. Each topic has been carefully planned, taking into account a progressive and sequenced approach as children move through the year groups. Our curriculum has been designed to provide opportunities for children to regularly revisit and recap their knowledge and skills, enabling them to know more, remember more and apply more as they progress through school.

We recognise and celebrate the diverse community that makes up the Masefield family and this is reflected in our teaching. Regardless of background, all children have access to the same opportunities and experiences through our curriculum. We regularly look for ways in which we can provide cultural capital for our children with ‘wow’ experiences, beginning right away in the EYFS. These experiences include workshops with people who have a career within an area of Design and Technology, allowing them to see how their skills and knowledge can be applied in the real world. This allows our children to meet a range of inspiring people and see how their learning at Masefield can really help to shape their futures.

Core aspects of the curriculum like English, Maths and Science are integrated within our Design and Technology topics, and dedicated Design and Technology sessions allow children to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to design and create a wide variety of products. Through our dedicated timetable and well-planned curriculum, children are able to see the connections between Design and Technology and other aspects of their learning, and continuously apply their knowledge and skills in new and exciting ways.

Ultimately, the Design and Technology curriculum at Masefield inspires our children to dream big. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, to challenge themselves and to create exciting and unique products. Our children leave Masefield with the confidence that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

At Masefield, we take pride in our learning environment, and ensure that it is stimulating and useful to the children. In classrooms, working walls allow information to be continuously updated alongside learning. They also include key vocabulary and useful information for the children and teachers to refer to throughout their projects and long after the topic has finished, helping children to remember more. Design and Technology displays also feature in our main corridor area as a celebration of the fantastic work our children produce. Through these displays, we inspire children from other year groups as they embark on their own Design and Technology projects. Our Design and Technology curriculum starts straight away in the Early Years, where children are exposed to Design and Technology opportunities daily within the continuous provision.

Design and Technology Enrichment – enhancing our D&T Curriculum

Our children are given opportunities to apply their Design and Technology skills more independently by working on projects at home and with their families. We have held several competitions where children are challenged to create a range of free-standing structures at home, such as houses and landmarks within Bolton. This allows children to take their passion for designing and making home, and to work together with their families to create some outstanding pieces of work.

High quality resources and texts underpinning our DT curriculum

We use high quality texts, by making links with other subjects in the curriculum, to inspire a context for our learning within Design and Technology. These links also help to ensure that Design and Technology is embedded within other areas of the curriculum such as History, Geography, PSHCE and Art. High quality texts also underpin core learning in reading, writing and speaking & listening throughout Design and Technology units.

Design and Technology is extremely well-resourced at Masefield. We have a large range of resources including tools, materials, equipment and handling collections, designed to support out Design and Technology curriculum in each year group. We give our children the opportunity to handle real products to develop their understanding of Design and Technology in the real world, and to support their innovation. This begins right away in our EYFS unit, where children have access to a wide range of tools and materials to explore both freely and with teacher support in our continuous provision.