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Ambition Institute - NPQs & ECF

The FA1 and Ambition North West Hub is a collaborative partnership led by Forward As One CE Multi Academy Trust, including partner MATs and schools across the North West region. We are working in close partnership with FA1 and Ambition Institute, for the purpose of delivering Ambition Institute's Early Career Teacher programme and suite of National Professional Qualifications. We see it as our civic duty to deliver the highest standards of training and professional development, so our Educators and Leaders across the North West can flourish and reach their true potential.

We value the potential of:

  • High-quality professional development to improve the quality of our teaching and leadership and provide environments for our staff and children to flourish and achieve 
  • Evidence-based and informed CPD which supports sustainable development
  • Regional and local networking to mobilise professional knowledge and understanding
  • Collaboration and mutual support to build capacity at all levels of our partner schools


We work together by:

  • Respecting each other’s mission, values, and stages of development
  • Serving our school communities by removing barriers to engagement in professional development
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion, and valuing the local context
  • Ensuring that formal organisational structures and processes bring transparency and clarity of roles, finance, and communication
  • Being responsive to the priorities and capacity of our partner schools
  • Maintaining open and honest working relationships underpinned by mutual respect and integrity
  • Collaborating – not competing!


In partnership with Ambition we offer 7 NPQ courses.  Four Specialist NPQs and 3 Leadership NPQs.

The four Specialist NPQs provides teachers and leaders with the opportunity to invest in their own development without moving away from what they love – teaching in the classroom. The new specialist NPQs are:

  • NPQ in Leading Literacy
  • NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture
  • NPQ in Leading Teaching
  • NPQ in Leading Teacher Development

You can find out more about the specialist NPQs here:

The three Leadership NPQs are for senior leaders, headteachers, executive leaders and early years leaders, and they provide them with core knowledge and practices required to lead schools and early years settings,

  • NPQ Senior Leadership (NPQSL)
  • NPQ Headship (NPQH)
  • NPQ Executive Leadership (NPQEL)
  • NPQ in Early Years Leadership is also available! This is the first NPQ designed for the early years sector with the course tailored specifically for those leaders across the diverse range of settings.

You can find out more about the leadership NPQs here:

We also have a coaching offer for new headteachers (the EHCO)

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