Attendance Information

At Masefield, we believe that high attendance is fundamental to academic and social success of all pupils.

Regular school attendance is important so that pupils can:

  • Work co-operatively with others
  • Develop their academic knowledge and skills and build on these each day
  • Gain skills and knowledge and the confidence to apply them to new situations in order that they can take full advantage of the life chances available to them
  • Improve their understanding of the world around them
  • Widen their experiences beyond their immediate area
  • Become confident and successful adults who make a positive contribution to society.

Systematic procedures are in place in order to:

  • Maximise attendance rates by encouraging, recognising and rewarding good attendance and to ensure that attendance at school is viewed positively.
  • Investigate individual absences and ensure that pupils and parents are clear that unauthorised absences are not acceptable.
  • Work closely with pupils and parents, to help them overcome problems, which may prevent pupils from attending regularly.
  • Provide parents with support and advice in order to maintain and improve attendance.
  • Recognise and celebrate improvements in attendance and punctuality of individuals and families.



If you child is absent from school please notify the school office by 10am to provide a reason for absence. Where school have not been provided with a reason for absence parents will be contacted by the school office.




Amendments to the 2006 Education act, has removed a Headteacher’s ability to authorise term-time holidays. Holidays will not be authorised within term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Where holidays are taken without authorisation they will be recorded as unauthorised absences. From 1st September 2018, the Local Authority have changed the criteria for issuing a penalty notice for unauthorised absences. BASE Academy follow this guidance. Where a pupil has had 10 sessions (equivalent of five days - consecutive or otherwise)of unauthorised absence within two consecutive half terms a fine may be issued.

Exceptional circumstance requests should be made in writing and addressed to Mr A Done - Head of School.

Attendance Policy

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